14 things new runners should know

14 things new runners should know

Although running is a simple sport, actually achieving uninterrupted progress requires some knowledge that not everyone notices. For new runners, you may feel a bit overwhelmed, a little worried, feeling insecure. To help you get started well, chay365 has compiled 14 tips that any runner should know:
1. Do not use cotton shirts (fabrics)
The industry of manufacturing running jackets has grown tremendously, going very far with research and inventions increasingly assisting people to run safely, comfortably and improving their achievements. From its origins with a 100% cotton shirt, short shorts and windbreaker, a running suit encountered a lot of complaints about the problem of less absorbency, heavy sweat and causing chafing. Today running shirts are made of synthetic fibers such as spandex and polyester, which is much better than cotton at sweat-absorbing spots. Some fabrics also have antibacterial, odor resistant, so you will avoid the hassle of getting wet clothes, sticky or washing does not all smell.
2. Walking while running is not cheating
Alternating jogging is a good exercise
Alternating jogging is a good exercise
I have heard many runners say, «I am determined not to walk» with the idea that walking is like surrendering or showing the will to exercise is not strong enough. You should know that, whether it’s during training or even in a race, it’s normal to listen to your body and take walks when necessary. In fact, there are alternating running and walking exercises that are great for building endurance and running.
3. Choosing the right shoes and using sports bra (for women) will help you a lot
Choosing the right type of shoes is an important factor to be able to jog comfortably and prevent injuries.
If you are female, you will feel a lot more comfortable and also have the confidence to wear a tight-fitting bra.
4. Go to the toilet before running
Usually people drink quite a lot of water before running, and with the excitement during running and preparing to run, will make blood flow faster through the kidneys and bladder more quickly. Remember to go to the toilet before jogging.
5. You will not get stomachache from drinking water while running
Surely many of us have felt pain under the ribs when running? Some of us think that it is due to drinking water during the process of running to make the stomach care, actually not so, the pain is due to our breathing not properly.
When you run under 30 minutes you probably won’t need to drink water. However, when you run longer than that, especially in hot weather, you should rehydrate your body by drinking every 20 minutes.
6. Running does not mean you can eat more
“ Did you run a marathon ? Then you can eat as much as you want! ” This is what I often hear from people when I see me running. Jogging burns tons of energy, a lot of excess fat however it doesn’t mean you can recharge comfortably whenever you want during the day. Some new siblings will have to learn this bitter lesson when they INCREASE their weight when they start running. If you want to lose weight or maintain your weight, the rule is always to eat at or less than your body burns.


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