20 good fruits for pregnant women

20 good fruits for pregnant women

Not only providing vitamins and minerals for the body, fruits for pregnant women also contain antioxidants, help increase resistance and quickly «knock out» some viruses that cause disease. Don’t miss the good fruits for pregnant women later!
In the diet for pregnant women, fruit is an indispensable ingredient. Choosing the right fruits that provide both vitamins and minerals also helps the fetus to be smart from the womb.
Why should pregnant women eat fruit?
A rich source of vitamins and minerals is a prominent feature of the fruit, especially vitamin C. Fruit with a low fat content, plenty of water and fiber, is a close friend that helps digestion take place. more rhythmic. Fruit is also high in natural sugar, low in salt, suitable for making a snack.
That is why in the diet during pregnancy always present flowers to pregnant women.
Nutritional value of fruits and berries during pregnancy
With a high content of vitamins and minerals, fruits are indispensable if pregnant women want to have a healthy diet throughout pregnancy. Beta-carotene, an important vitamin component provided by this food group, is essential for fetal tissue and cell development, vision and the immune system.
Besides, fruits also help the mother elected to avoid weight gain during pregnancy too much. Fruit is a «panacea» that provides nutrients to the health of beautiful mothers during 40 weeks of pregnancy.
The vitamin C in fruit is important for bone and teeth development, as well as collagen connective tissue. Potassium stabilizes blood pressure and folic acid for pregnant women to prevent neural tube defects.
In particular, the fruit also contains a plentiful amount of fiber, which helps support the digestive tract, preventing unpleasant constipation symptoms. A slice of melon after eating or a cup of strawberries between meals not only helps provide essential vitamins and minerals, but also helps pregnant women maintain and stabilize weight throughout pregnancy.
Fruit rations, fruits are good for pregnant women every day
Try to add around 500g of fruit and about 700g of vegetables and fruits on your daily menu. Priority should be given to vegetables that are dark green, yellow, orange and red. Every week, pregnant women should put beans «on a plate» about 2-3 times. If she does not have time to go shopping, she can use frozen or pre-packed fruits.
However, fresh fruit still offers more benefits. For mothers who are lazy to eat fruit, MarryBaby gives mom the following tips!
Fruit bought should be washed and in the position «ready» in case mother is lazy but wants to snack
A little extra olive oil or yogurt will help you change the taste and make the fruit more attractive
Leave the fruit in visible places
Instead of eating fresh fruit, you can drink juice or fruit smoothies
The fruits are good for pregnant women
When looking for fruits that are good for pregnant women during pregnancy, do not overlook the following 20 fruits:
Papaya is ripe
Papaya contains many vitamins A, C, calcium, iron … but does not contain much starch, helps provide necessary nutrients for the fetus but does not make the mother gain weight fast.
Ripe bananas
Eating bananas during pregnancy helps mothers reduce the discomfort brought about by morning sickness. In addition, the high potassium content in bananas helps prevent and limit edema and cramps during pregnancy.
However, pregnant women should not eat bananas when they are hungry because they can disrupt the balance of magnesium and calcium in the blood.
Orange relatives
With high content of vitamin C in the «high threshold», the orange family is known as a fruit that helps boost the immune system for pregnant women.
Not only that, with the characteristic sour, orange, tangerine is also a «rescue» for pregnant mothers with morning sickness, helping to limit symptoms of nausea, salivation and «bluff» appetite of the mother.
As the most nutritious fruit among 27 fruits, Kiwi with more than 80 nutrients is good for health, famous as the «golden» fruit for the health of pregnant women. The «sky-high» folic acid content in kiwi helps prevent the risk of birth defects in the fetus.
In addition, eating one kiwifruit each helps strengthen the fetal immune system, reducing the risk of asthma and eczema after birth.


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