3 basic things must have for beginners to run

3 basic things must have for beginners to run

What to wear when jogging is a question of those who are new to jogging or training for the first 5K. In fact, you don’t need fancy fancy running tools or expensive clothes to become a successful runner. This is a very low-cost sport and there are lots of money-saving tips for beginners.
If you want the run to be as comfortable and safe as possible, here are three basic things you must have for your running question , read on!
Running shoes
All you need first and foremost is not a question of what to wear when running but rather: choosing a good pair of shoes that is right for you. Because wearing shoes not specifically for potty running is one of the most common causes of injury, so beautiful fashion shoes are not the choice you are thinking of!
If this is your first time shopping for sneakers, choose the best pair of shoes at the store. Where the experts can judge your foot, and the type of running you go after choosing a suitable pair of shoes. The clerk will measure your feet, watch you run on a treadmill and analyze your running light. You can read more: Instructions on how to choose the right size running shoes, right standard .
Also, when buying running shoes, don’t choose snealker shoes just because you like the brand, style, color or price. You certainly don’t need to buy the most expensive pair in the store, but investing in a good pair is a smart investment, lasting use, preventing injuries and making running easier.
What to wear when jogging
After choosing sports shoes, what to wear when jogging is the next thought in mind. And of course, you don’t need to rush and buy three new clothes (unless wearing nice and comfortable really matters to you). But if you want some new outfits, here are the:
It is smart to avoid wearing 100% cotton socks. If you wear cotton socks, moisture will not be absorbed if you sweat or enter a puddle.
Instead, wear running socks made of synthetic material to help prevent blistering. Search for materials like polyester, acrylic and CoolMax. For winter activities, blended wool like SmartWool is a good choice. Some athletes even choose to wear double-layer socks to protect the blisters.
Sports clothing
Cotton fabric is a top quality material so it should be excluded from the running list. Because it is impervious to sweat, easy to get wet. Wearing fabric made from technical fabric with synthetic absorbent material is a better option. Look for other materials like DryFit, Thinsulation, Thermax, CoolMax, polypropylene or aluminum
In cold weather, running clothes will keep you dry and warm. When the weather is hot, they absorb sweat and help you prevent chapping. Technical fabric is also much more surface than other conventional cotton fabrics.
Sports bras
For women when jogging, make sure your bra is a good sports bras that supports other high impact activities. Try and check by running in place and jumping up and down. Sports bras must meet two factors: fit and not too stretch.
So when you need to replace your bra, it’s over after 72 washes, the elasticity is lost or your weight changes.
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Running equipment
There are several jogging devices that make a big difference in running quality and safety.
You should buy yourself a good watch to set the time to run, keep up the speed in races and GPS routes. Even a simple watch with a stop and start button can be helpful for beginners to calculate running time and measure the distance traveled. Also, some pools can track your heart rate, so find the one that suits your needs.
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Running waist
Add running belts to hold keys or phones.
Water bottle, water vest
When running for more than 30 minutes, you must provide water to the body. Bring a water bottle with you. Note to drink 100 – 150ml after 20 minutes of jogging.
If you travel 10km or more, it is more convenient to use a water vest than it is to hold the water bottle in your hand, it not only helps you carry a higher amount of water but also can hold more things without having to use it. types of belts when jogging.


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