Fashion trends is expected to «storm»

Fashion trends is expected to «storm»

Fashion is increasingly rich and diverse in current life with many new and unique outfits. Will you be able to keep up with fashion moves this summer? Let’s join BlogAnChoi to name 6 fashion trends of the summer of 2020 that are storming in Vietnam!

1. Bermuda shorts

The year 2020 marks the return of Bermuda shorts, as many fashion designers released blazer and shorts. This item has also been enthusiastically attracted by many domestic and international fashion followers. Predict Bermuda shorts will stir the fashion market this year.

The familiar croptop shirt is the «bright candidate» selected when combined with the Bermuda mezzanine wrap, both in shape and shape. Because croptop is a short shirt style, not picky item, neat, convenient and especially cool, pleasant when the hot summer is approaching. Moreover, the combination of croptop will create a balance effect to help you look good, especially those who own round and slender round 2.

Bermuda shorts is also an appropriate choice for those who pursue a youthful, energetic and trendy style. Do not like too short like shorts but still cool enough on summer days. In terms of design, designs and models are also very diverse in color as well as hug designs, designs, silk or rough fabrics comfortable for you to choose.

You can mix Bermuda shorts with a T-shirt and especially a croptop shirt that looks very suitable. In addition, you can also find a Bermuda shorts set and a blazer jacket are also beautiful. Also do not forget to wear sunglasses, wearing a pair of energetic sneaker will make you «cool» in the middle of the street.

2. Hand held

The trend of holding hands, which is popular with enthusiasm and has not shown any sign of cooling off, is loved by many fashion enthusiasts and women «women» when coming to any place, especially whenever they go down the street. . It is not too difficult to see a girl who wears a sleeveless shirt, whether the style is a croptop or cradling sleeveless shirts are extremely popular.

In addition, the hand-holding design also has the utility of covering the big and rough biceps of some girls, besides creating a highlight for your outfit to look more luxurious and trendy.

There are many designs, designs, colors, such as hand-held croptops, hand-held shirts, and square-necked sleeves. And the way to mix match is also extremely easy such as mixing with the skirt a leg, pencil skirt legs, cascading skirts, skinny jeans, tube wide, flared, shorts, … depending on your taste and taste combination. each one.

3. Wide leg pants

No one can deny the appeal of wide pants when this item has always been in the top of the «hot trend» of recent years. Attract numerous fashion followers, occupy a significant position in the hearts of the girls. With a spacious design that is comfortable for the wearer, it also has a street style that is unique, trendy, trendy and more special, which helps perfect concealer for big legs.

It can be seen that, in addition to the coordination with the main item such as wide pants or a white croptop shirt , besides that, there is no small support from accessories such as bags, sunglasses, big earrings, belts Gucci. These accessories are indispensable for you to look outstanding and more confident when wearing this outfit.

Wide leg pants diverse and rich in style, material, design and color. Commonly chosen by the girls is wide tube jeans, wide tube cuffs possessing basic colors such as black, blue including light, dark, smoke, … Besides the jeans, there are khaki. She who likes a little comfort can choose wide tube pants that are easy to match
In terms of coordination, from the table. Wide pants pants are not picky items, you can comfortably mix with T-shirts, croptops, shoulder-length shirts, shirts, two-straps, … still extremely attractive but personality and dynamism.

4. Pattern polka dots

The polka dots pattern for many people is not too strange when many years produce many different pattern trend patterns. Which stands out and is considered never out of fashion, there is a polka dots pattern.


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