5 Techniques Cutting Men’s Haircut

5 Techniques Cutting Men’s Haircut

Learning to cut hair will first go from the most basic knowledge like scissors, hair style analysis to practicing basic cutting. Many people who start these lessons often feel discouraged and have little creativity when practicing. However, if you do not master the basic techniques of male haircuts, it is difficult to continue cutting difficult hairstyles. So these are basic introductions but are essential and important for the development of gold scissors in the future.

1. Technique for scissors, shears, and scissors
This basic technique consists of turning, turning, hiding, releasing the body, controlling the shoulder joints, arms, elbows and controlling the hand, fingers, knuckles when cutting hair. With each swing, flip or hide scissors when cutting hair combined with body control from the shoulder joint, the arm will help bring accurate and beautiful haircuts. At the start of learning to cut hair, most of the students will feel stiff, difficult to move and the cutting action is not definitive, it is easy to damage the hair and cut. Therefore, this technique makes the handle flexible and easy to improvise when performing cutting techniques by rotating scissors, turning scissors …

2. Hair dividing technique and cutting angle
Region dividing, stratification and the perspective of haircut are the second basic technique that needs to be done before cutting hair. Depending on the basic type of male hair that needs to be cut, participants need to analyze from the face, the hairstyle to be cut and the thin thickness of the hair to divide the hair appropriately. Each customer will have different head and face styles, so the barber needs to understand the technique of dividing the angle of cutting of each star head to cut.

3. Posture to cut hair
Many people think that standing position does not affect the cut because the process of doing the haircut is due to the hands. But in fact, the posture of haircut determines the application of hair cutting techniques so that the barber can grasp the model of the hairstyle and make the best cuts.

In the basic male haircut technique, the posture consists of standing upright, standing in front of the back, elbows, sitting to cut hair. With each standing posture, students need to know how to combine cutting operations such as cutting, zigzag, reverse, face up to cut hair.

4. Hairpin combing technique
Hairpin combing techniques include combing hair in the hand, combing hair out of the hand and holding the hair with a combover comb. With these brushing techniques, you can get the right hair and position it.

5. Hairpin technique for cutting
In addition to the technique of capturing hairpin, in 10 basic techniques of male haircut, you need to know the hairpin technique to cut. Hair clip techniques include clamping in the hand, clamping straight out of the hand, clamping outward. Whether you have a straight or curved clip will determine your haircut. Therefore, students need to stand in the correct posture, after performing hair-splitting technique and using hairpin technique to perform haircut.


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