5 ways coordination for puff sleeves

5 ways coordination for puff sleeves

You are a girl who loves gentle, feminine style, «dirt bread» and you love gentle pastel tones and feminine designs. This article is really for you, what are you waiting without BlogAnChoi pin right 5 ways to map for her «cake dirt» right now!
1. Sleeveless skirt with cradles and skirt feet
Shoulder-length tunic is one of the popular items that is equally popular compared to other popular items like croptop or two- piece shirt . Sleeveless and shoulder-length dresses are often present in the closet of all feminine girls and are considered by fashion lovers as their «intestines» and racing together «trendsetters» every time they walk down the street.
The shirt is cradled with the sleeve of a jean skirt . (photo source: internet.)With attractive shoulder-delay design, cradled shoulder-length blouse also helps girls with the blue collarbone to be more visible and prominent. This shirt helps create accents for the arms and helps the girls with big biceps to conceal extremely well. Especially, the sleeveless shoulder shirt is very suitable for beach or travel occasions, so you can refer to it.
As for the skirts, there are many typical types such as A-skirt skirts, skirt skirts, jeans skirts or skirts, … spoiled for her to choose.
Or if you do not like late, slippery shoulders, you can switch to plump arms. (photo source: internet.) You can choose for yourself a crisp, elegant white shoulder shirt like the picture. (photo source: internet)You can order the same model as the picture aboveYou can find more samples of sleeveless shirt with cradles here2. Square-necked sleeveless blouse + skirt / skirt
For those girls who love the light style, «dirt cake», the square-necked sleeveless shirt is a design you cannot ignore. Mnag has a classic aroma but this pattern makes the wearer become very feminine and youthful. You just need to choose this model to mix with a pair of pants or skirts already available in the closet and there is already a set of clothes that suits your gentle style.
You can mix the white square sleeve with the skirt of an elegant mossy skirt and elegant. (photo source: internet) If you want to stand out, choose a plaid shirt with a blue collar. (photo source: internet.)If you want to have a very active appearance, you can combine square sleeves with jeans without losing the dirtiness of the cake. Or if she loves femininity, then you can coordinate with square sleeves with an A -skirt or midi skirt is a perfect suggestion. Do not forget to bring a few accessories such as sunglasses, hats, bags to complete your set.
The trendy girls have a square neck like this, stop forgetting. (photo source: internet.) A long-sleeved, square-necked long-sleeved blouse will be an appropriate choice for her on that autumn-winter day. (photo source: internet.)You can order the extremely beautiful square-necked sleeves here


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