6 things to note to wear well in the workplace

6 things to note to wear well in the workplace

Dressing beautiful and suitable for the working environment is not only a matter for women but also men. There are certain rules that can apply to both sects in this regard.
6 «golden» rules for office fashion
Spending large sums of money on expensive outfits doesn’t guarantee your perfect appearance at work. It seems that every office has witnessed several «fashion disasters» several times, from Ms. A being too greedy for accessories to Ms. B who looks too old because of the carefulness and dullness of the clothes.
Even if you’re not an avid fan of fashion, your style of dress says a lot about you to your boss and colleagues. Yes, clothes have a voice and fashion is really a language. Business attire reflects your confidence, intelligence and power.
So how do you not be listed on the «fashion disaster» colleagues stirred up gossip?
It’s time for Fall-Winter, it’s time to refresh your wardrobe. Here are 6 «golden» rules to help you choose and adjust office fashion. These rules are especially helpful if you’re just starting out at a new company:

1. The uniforms always prevail
You always think, the office uniform is «old fashioned» and boring. However, you probably do not want your boss and colleagues to notice anything else about you other than the valuable qualities you have at work. Therefore, pay attention to the dress code of the company, whether it is written or unwritten, and abide by it. If the company requires employees to wear work uniforms, do not forget to take care of your uniform flat, clean and always new.

2. Believe in your own feelings when evaluating costumes
If you have to look at yourself in the mirror in an outfit for 15 minutes to determine if it’s okay, then perhaps, it’s not an outfit you should wear.

3. Avoid clothes that show your body
You can have biceps that make bodybuilders jealous or butt called «super round 3», and that is your greatest pride. However, the workplace is not the right place for you to show those advantages.

4. Avoid underwear that appears on the surface of clothing
Very thin fabric, too, or too wide or too tight underwear, many details … can give rise to impolite lines on the outside. The solution here is to choose the right underwear, elastic material, and not much detail. For outerwear, material with a certain thickness should be chosen, otherwise good lining is recommended. An underwear that matches your color to the outside is also something you should avoid.

5. Apparel should have lining
Light, thin or transparent materials can still be used for office wear, but must be sewn with good lining. A brightly colored high waistband skirt would look great with a textured shirt, but if the skirt doesn’t have a good lining, skip it.

6. Leave your slippers at home
Even if it is an expensive brand, these slippers are never suitable for the office environment because they make you sloppy, somewhat «discrete». If you want comfort and lightness, choose a pair of low-heeled or flat shoes or sandals. For men, the choice is even more diverse.
Not all clothing can be worn at work. Please refer to the following remarks of REMOINGAY to be always elegant and professional when working.


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