7 ways to wear the shoulder blouse in the summer

7 ways to wear the shoulder blouse in the summer

Shorts, skirts, earrings, hats, … are one of the ways to wear a shoulder- length shirt that any girl can use to «cut tight» fashion this summer.
So I will share immediately for you the best tips on wearing delicous shoulders , the best quality through the following article.
Now spoiled «fascinated» with 10 ways to wear the hottest shoulder late in the summer, the track immediately to hold a full public key.
1 / Jeans – Simple but trendy and easy to wear
Jeans are known as classic costumes because of the ability to «weigh well» all the current slender shirt designs today.
The jeans look simple but contain more liberal, vintage and more attractive if combined late-shirt.
Women are free to mix & match regardless of the same tunic, no matter how elaborate or more details, there is no need to fear about «poor» dress.
Because jeans are always easy to wear, this way of wearing t-shirts is always the top priority for girls.
2 / Women’s shorts – Easy and quick way of coordinating
Wearing a shoulder-length shirt and shorts is the way to wear a shoulder-length t-shirt , beautiful and easy to apply in just a few minutes.
Therefore, this form of coordination is really suitable for women who are often busy, do not have time to eat as well as ideas about costumes.
In particular, the open shoulder shirt is more cute when combined with shorts because the way of wearing a shoulder shirt will bring a fresh, dynamic effect.
Especially in the hot and humid summer weather like this, the two items of skirts and shorts become more and more popular with girls than ever before.
3 / Women’s elastic jogger pants – New trend, personality
Who said that shoulder-length shirts cannot be worn with street style clothes? That’s because you do not know jogger pants can be applied with the way to wear a «delicous» shoulder shirt that only.
The pair of jogger pants + a shoulder-length shirt, though different, on one side are athletic, the other shows the shyness and femininity.
But it is easy to conquer each other because the way to wear this late shoulder is extremely suitable and not difficult to coordinate and eliminate.
t-shirt with jogger pants, why not?
Because the formula to mix the shoulder- length shirt with jogger pants is not really popular, so the girls are still quite shy. But if you know how to mix, the secret is sure to give birth to a perfect set of map and extremely trendy.
4 / Skirts texture – How to wear fancy late-shoulder, impressive dresses
How to wear a shirt and shoulder delay?
You are a true «chameleon» because you have experienced the combination of many types of costumes with boring shoulders.
By the question » What is more unique and new to wear at the shoulder ?», You will have an answer if there is still a pretty skirt with a motif.
How to wear a shirt and shoulder delay?
In many people’s minds, textured skirts are quite unsafe because they can sometimes make people look outdated and cheesy if they don’t know how to combine them.
But maybe like that is not entirely true, because the shirt can still accompany the shoulder skirt pattern texture, even extremely stylish, classy and excellent charisma.
5 / Short skirt legs – Tips to wear beautiful shoulder-length tunic, sweet candy
How to wear a shirt and shoulder delay?
The pattern of sweet short skirts plus cute open shoulder blouses always beat the hearts of young girls.
Over time, a growing variety of genres and models of miniskirts have been designed and manufactured in the market. That has brought a plentiful source of dresses to help girls busy eating.
How to wear a shirt and shoulder delay?
Not only that, the types of very cute shoulder dresses that also add to make the appearance even more perfect, more beautiful than most.
Therefore, this formula is often present in ways of wearing shoulder-length dresses which are greatly appreciated by women.
6 / choker necklace – How to wear sexy, classic delays
Wear a shoulder strap with appropriate accessories
As a nail item of the 90s, today choker necklace has been transformed into thin strings, studded with stones, many colors, … so it has become a trend to return in recent years and there has been no sign of cooling down.
So a lot of ladies choose choker bracelets to wear with shoulder-length tops because both will help the wearer show off his sexy bare shoulders and fragile blue collarbone.
With a design that embraces the skin and shows off the bare shoulders and neck, the choker ring becomes the highlight of the feminine, sexy style.
Wear a shoulder strap with appropriate accessories
Note, in order to avoid wearing a shirt that does not slip when wearing a choker, women should choose the type of shoulder-length dresses that fit the form of the person and remember to avoid using too-wide-waisted models if you do not want to be swallowed. «Swim» in a costume.
7 / Shoes – Tips for wearing graceful and polite shoulders
Wear a shoulder strap with appropriate accessories
A good pair of shoes always brings confidence to everyone and indeed, the way of wearing a shoulder- length t-shirt cannot of course be absent.
Depending on the taste, style, clothing style and environment of each person, we can customize shoes based on such factors.
Wear a shoulder strap with appropriate accessories
For example, if you are a female on the team working, office or working, you can choose a few types of shoes such as: high heels, sandals, rough sole shoes, …


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