9 Things to Do in Dentation – Fillings you should know

9 Things to Do in Dentation – Fillings you should know

Fillings are also known by many as dental fillings. This is a familiar method in dentistry, using artificial materials to cover the missing tooth tissue (due to tooth decay, tooth loss, tooth decay …) However, there are still many strangers to this concept. . The following article, we will share to you information related to dental welding: the cases that should be done, reputable dental address in Hanoi
Dental fillings – what is fillings?
Currently, the method of dental welding is not new to many people. This is a dental method performed to restore and compensate for missing teeth due to many causes. May be due to tooth decay, chipped, sparse … The goal is to ensure the normal functioning of the teeth while bringing aesthetic beauty.

This method is absolutely safe for patients’ oral health. The implementation process absolutely does not affect the structure of the teeth, does not damage the enamel and does not need to be sharpened.
Why fillings? Who should fill teeth?
The following cases often use dental fillings:

Filling tooth decay
When tooth decay occurs, cavities in the teeth will appear. If not detected and treated in time, cavities will grow. As it grows, patients may encounter many obstacles: aches, infections or even broken teeth.

Dental fillings are a very effective treatment for tooth decay. By fast implementation time that fillings cost is also affordable, not too high.
Batch fillings
In the process of biting food or hard objects, or the operation process affects the tooth structure. Teeth can be chipped.

If early tooth decay is detected, your dentist will tell you to perform a filling. First of all, the doctor will perform a very clean oral cavity to eliminate bacteria. Then proceed to put the filler of your choice into the chipped tooth.

Dental fillings
When the teeth are thin, the aesthetics of the face will be seriously affected. At this time, many people will choose the method of treatment is fillings. However, not all cases of sparse teeth can be welded. This method can be used for teeth with sparse teeth below 2mm.
And if the gap of the teeth is quite large, this method should not be used because it will not bring absolute efficiency. At this time, the doctor will advise you that the best porcelain veneers.


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