According to feng shui, the indoor plants

According to feng shui, the indoor plants

Therefore, if you intend to place indoor plants, choose carefully. Because there are also some trees that do not bring good things to homeowners, typically some trees with leaves are too small and long and wobbly, when overgrown can cause members to argue, arise conflicts. , affecting health and family life.
The bonsai has the following characteristics will be suitable to grow indoors, please pay attention!
The trees have a round shape, beautiful fullness, fullness.
The wide canopy, rich leaf color symbolizes luck, wealth and fortune.

Stems without thorns

The density of indoor plants also affects feng shui. Because if it is too thick, the tree will obscure the light in the house, reduce positive energy, adversely affect the wealth and fortune of the homeowner. During planting, homeowners should take care, pruning appropriately to keep the tree looking most beautiful. Especially, when planting indoor plants to avoid the tree to die or wither. The type and location of the tree are also important. Homeowners refer to the destiny trees as well as the decorative uses of each tree to choose for themselves the most suitable tree.

Fortune tree, also known as magnolia tree, is known for many meanings in feng shui. Fortune brings fortune, luck and is a symbol of success. The green color of the leaves and the lasting vitality of the trees will bring vitality to your room. Talented plants adapt well to light conditions and indoor humidity. With a straight shape, branches and leaves are neat, talented trees suitable for decorating the corners in the living room or placed along the walkways in the house.
Not only is considered one of the indoor plants capable of absorbing the most toxic gas, tiger tree also means great feng shui. Growing tiger tongue in the home has the effect of exorcising, neutralizing bad omens. Trees like amulets bring good omen, luck, feeling safe, comfortable for homeowners. The strong, sturdy tree shape of the tiger’s tongue is also a symbol of personal strength. Homeowners can place small tiger tongues on the desk, or choose large trees placed in the corner of the room.

Kim money analysis is full of feng shui elements: trees are carpentry, planted under the ground as earth, irrigation water is water, plant pots or pots of needles. Conifer needles with round edges, green, full of vitality are negative in harmony with modern architecture full of angular (positive) from which harmonizes and balances yin and yang. It is for this reason that kim money is considered a feng shui tree to bring wealth, prosperity, wealth and health to the homeowner. Especially when the money is blooming, the owner is more prosperous.

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