Active Summer Day With Sporty Style

Active Summer Day With Sporty Style

Sports style is a fashion trend for personality girls. Combining dynamic sportwear costumes with youthful and bright colors will bring you a youthful, healthy and vibrant beauty. A personality girl, sports outfit will make a strong impression in the eyes of men.
Besides giving you personality, youth, sportwear is also not too fussy when you can take advantage of and mix (coordinate) many different items (items) such as sleeveless vest , sport pants, caps or sneakers (for sneakers ) … to have a personality look. Let’s join Beautiful Online to refer to the coordination of sports style in this summer.

1. The item of healthy style
Sporty style is not restrictive in each item must be sportwear . You can wear costumes that emphasize health and comfort. You can even mix clothes with high heels or flat sandals, just set your clothes with sports sound to be confident enough to show off your personality.
A playsuit outfit (sportswear) is designed delicately, retaining a healthy and sporty character, but no less feminine.
The lace lace skirt is adorned with polka dots motif combined with T-shirt and sneakers.
Who said wearing a skirt is not a personality?
Piercing lace skirt adorned with polka dots pattern combined with T-shirts and sneakers
Combining thin leather shorts with a simple T-shirt is also a good suggestion for her who wants to experience sports style.

2. Shirt with number
A shirt or baseball shirt is a prominent item in summer sports style. This year, the shirt with more harmonious variations with floral motifs (printed in flowers) inspired fresh, youthful tropical.

3. Sweatpants (sweatpants / track pants)
Referring to sports pants, we often think that they are only «present» in the gym or in the park with jogging. However, with a diverse and creative combination, sport pants are modified with many materials such as leather (leather) thin and rich in style, making sport style even more «quality».

4. Cap
Caps snapback and shoes sneakers are always the typical items representing sporty youthful, energetic’m extremely «hot» for young people today.

5. Jean material vest
The material of jean (cowhide) is quite familiar and has never been outdated on many types of costumes to bring different styles. Vests are popular with many people not only because they are easy to combine but also suitable for many different situations such as going to school, going out, walking around … Thanks to the dusty and multi-style strokes, the vest becomes popular in active sports style and an indispensable item in her wardrobe.


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