Arrange kitchen with feng shui

Arrange kitchen with feng shui

Placement kitchen cooking
Stoves should not be placed in positions that are opposite to the direction of the house, that is, the back of the stove must be facing the door, but at the same time, it must be prevented from opening the door immediately to see the kitchen.
If it can not be changed, the owner can use partitions, screens or curtains to separate, in this way, the owner can prevent bad airflow from outside.

Do not place the stovetop near the window, nor point sharp objects directly at the stove as it will affect the air-conditioning of family members.

Stoves should not be placed close to the location of water, by Hoa Thuy carving. Here are the best ways to set a stove, bringing health and prosperity to the family:
East or Southeast: These are the two directions of Moc, Moc «balancing» Fire, bringing health and good luck to homeowners.
Northeast: This is the direction of Earth, Fire and Earth similar, put the kitchen in this direction the family will meet a lot of luck.
Placement of sinks
In feng shui, the stove belongs to Fire, the water belongs to Thuy, Thuy – Hoa is similar, so the stove and sink should be placed reasonably far apart to avoid harming the homeowner.
If the kitchen space is small, it is imperative to put the stovetop and sink in line with each other to have a distance of at least 60cm.
If the kitchen space is large, the kitchen and sink locations should be designed in a L-shaped perpendicular position to bring good luck to the family.
Water washbasin must be located in the East and the South East.
Refrigerator location
Many people take lightly the refrigerator placement without knowing that the wrong placement will affect the feng shui of the home. Because Kim’s fridge is usually located in the kitchen. Kim – Fire creates a Five Elements balance for the whole house.
The refrigerator is not placed near the stove or opposite to the stove, because Hoa Thuy faces each other leading to a similarity, which means directly affecting the health of family members.

The best place to put refrigerators is in the southeast and in the north
Microwaves are quite large and active devices that will emit waves that negatively affect health. Therefore, it is necessary to have an appropriate location to place the microwave so that it is convenient to use and has less impact on people’s health. Microwave ovens should be placed in a well-ventilated area away from utensils and utensils emitting large amounts of heat.


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