Experience safe cat care for new owners

Experience safe cat care for new owners

Cats are quite close pets and are popular with many families. Especially pet cats in recent times increasingly attract many people. Besides choosing a lovely cat, cat owners need to have experience in taking care of pets to keep their cats safe. The experience of caring for a safe cat at home which we suggest below will help you a lot. Stay tuned!
Cats, like other pets, need proper care and protection. Compared to dogs, cats often have weak health and are very susceptible to disease, even death without proper care. So, if you desire to have a pet cat to love every day then apply the following experience.

Take care of your cat with a simple diet
For beginners raising cats, surely would be headache with the diet of «the king». Because cats are inherently «picky», your pet will stop eating when the food is not right.

Instead of forcing the «king» to eat what you like, you should pay attention to their taste. To know exactly your favorite cat’s favorite food, observe and pay attention to feeding by age.
When observing a newborn kitten, you will feel the weakness shown clearly. At this time, your kittens are very small so they cannot eat much and cannot digest food. For cats under 6 weeks of age, you should take care of the following:

Have a carton, mattress or warm blanket ready for the kittens. Young cats need to be warmed 24 hours a day to keep their body from getting cold and less sick.
In the event that your kitten is separated from the mother, you can offer the kitten a bottle. Replace breast milk with cat-specific colostrum (which is available at veterinary stores).
Every day, you need to breastfeed 3 to 4 times, each time should be 2 hours apart.
Once the kitten has opened its eyes, you should give your cat a pasteurized milk mixed with calcium for cats and dogs. The minimum amount of calcium is 1/6 capsules daily.
After each feeding, clean the bottle or cylinder with warm water. Then store in a dry place to take out and use for next time.
Cats are very susceptible to infection now, so don’t give them a cold bath. Use a soft, warm, cotton washcloth to gently dry the cat’s whole body.
Also, limit your exposure to kittens so they don’t panic. If you have a mother cat nearby, you should put their place in a private place, few people pass by.
Over a period of 6 weeks, your pet cats will begin to walk their toddler steps. Gradually, the cat will run and jump continuously and have extremely cute actions. At this stage, you also need to take care of your cat in the following way


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