Great Benefits of Indoor Bonsai

Great Benefits of Indoor Bonsai

Since ancient times, nature and plants have always been an indispensable friend of man. However, with the modern pace of life today, more and more high-rise buildings, long roads appear, so the greenery of the city has gradually decreased.
People are tending to find a green living space in harmony with nature by planting trees in the house. Because the appearance of houseplants not only works to beautify the house, it also brings many benefits both physically and mentally for your family.
Decoration and Feng shui
In today’s modern houses, ornamental plants are grown indoors as a gentle decorative touch that is extremely unique. Whether your room is large or small, but if it’s just four empty walls, it is a secret, right? So why haven’t you thought about changing your living space a little more green of bonsai, certainly when the beautiful little bonsai appears will make you feel close, to be immersed in with nature.
Depending on the design you choose to place the pot to your liking to make the house more lively. Besides, it also has the effect of absorbing the toxic gases, eliminating the weapons or doors that will make the space more prosperous, people will be healthier, bring the fortune of heaven and earth to the homeowner. Because as we all know there are often bad places in the house such as places that accumulate too much air, the tree is a natural charm to solve these problems very well.
You can refer to the indoor plants with good feng shui value are very popular, prevalent today such as needle money, fortune tree, Japanese architecture or Hawaiian …
Today’s young people spend almost 24 hours a day in their homes or offices, thinking it is a safe and healthy choice to avoid breathing in harmful fumes. However, do not rush to celebrate! Because this lifestyle is potentially more harmful than you think. Some common building materials and ventilation systems will emit some toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde and benzene, as well as other heavy metals. In the long term, this «wears off» your health and has the potential to cause other dangerous diseases like cancer. According to scientists from NASA, planting indoor plants , especially ornamental plants such as the peace lily (Peace Lilies), the betel nut tree (Golden Pothos) or the tiger tree (Snake Plants) in the house can help purify the air, reduce toxins in the air.
It is the green color that appears indoors to regulate the microclimate, bringing freshness, and it also helps restore vitality to the dwelling.
We live in the era of technology 4.0, often exposed to blue light from computer screens and phones. This becomes even more dangerous when our nervous system is constantly stimulated, and makes us more stressed, a lot of research has shown that plants have a supporting effect on health recovery. Spending more time with plants helps us reduce heart rate and blood pressure, which can reduce mental fatigue.
On the other hand, many studies have shown that phytoncides in the air released by plants have the ability to boost the human immune system. So, planting indoor plants will contribute to enhance your health there.
-Improve vision
If you use your smartphone too much, gradually you will feel like your eyes will be weak, the bonsai grown in the home will be a free therapist but extremely effective for you. Because the green color itself helps relieve stress for nerves and reduces visual fatigue. Green makes people feel more relaxed, relieved and comfortable than other colors. Therefore, whenever your eyes are tired from looking at the computer screen too much, you can look at the green foliage for 3 minutes to rest your eyes.
– Reduce allergies and asthma
A study conducted by the Norwegian Agricultural University found that indoor bonsai can help alleviate allergy symptoms.
Crops increase humidity and reduce dust in your home. This study demonstrated how indoor bonsai reduces over 30 percent of symptoms of cough, sore throat, asthma and cold.
Plants release about 97% of the water they absorb. Many ornamental plants in the room can increase the humidity of the room and prevent respiratory diseases.
4. Improve mental health
Planting trees helps women live happier and longer
According to a study by Bringham Women’s Hospital and Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health (Harvard School of Public Health), green trees have shown positive effects on human health and psychology. Especially for women to help reduce stress, stress, reduce the risk of depression, in order to bring a sense of joy, a happier human life.
This scientific study, conducted over the past 8 years in the US, shows that if the surrounding environment is filled with greenery, especially women who like to plant trees, physical activity often lives longer.
Trees work to clean the air, good for mental health, reduce stress, reduce depression, help people have positive thoughts to make life beautiful.


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