How to adjust the trimmer blade?

How to adjust the trimmer blade?

One of the common mistakes of trimmer is hot, machine is more noise, or hair cut is cut … All of these errors can be due to your trimmer tongue is loose. So how to fix that error properly and effectively, today will show you how to adjust the trimmer blade.
Prepare before adjusting the tongue
First you need to clean the trimmer blade to avoid dirt, rust.
Prepare tools to remove blades (screws, screws), oil, wipes.
Proceed to adjust the tongue

# 1:
Loosen the blade fixing screws with screwdriver. The number of fixed screws is usually 2 or some product lines have a larger number of screws but the quotient does not exceed 4.
Note: do not completely remove the screw, we only need to loosen the screws enough to move.

# 2:
Over time using the blade is skewed so we have to adjust. Gently move the cutting edge.
Note: the blade should not be moved too far, so that the blade is level and keep the distance properly; For example, for Wahl series blades, the specified distance between the 2 blades is 0.8mm
Detailed instructions:
A hand on the lower part of the tongue will not be able to move them. To properly move the tongue you need to put your hand on the side of the tongue and move it little by little, it may take a few minutes for you to put the tongue in the proper position but this care is very necessary. set.
The trimmer blade is in the right position when you see it parallel to the underside of the tongue.

# 3 :
Proper placement of the upper and lower tongue brings them back as they were when they were first removed. Remember the position of each snail as they may have different sizes. Put the screw in position and gently proceed to turn the screw away again, causing the tongue in a wrong position. The force of impact to the vortex must not be too strong but need to slowly proceed.

If the trimmer has 2 screws, proceed to rotate the screws one by one. This will help keep the tongue balanced, not skewed from one side to the other.

The end of the job is to wipe the tongue again and conduct lubrication. They will help keep the tongue smooth. No need to drip too much 1 2 drops is enough.
So in just 3 simple steps you can adjust your trimmer blade. We hope that the article can help you.


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