How to choose sunglasses suitable

How to choose sunglasses suitable

Eyewear sunglasses on the market today very diverse area models, so choose how to select samples satisfied. The following article will guide you how to choose sunglasses that suits your face.
# 1: How to choose sunglasses with each face shape
First, you need to determine what kind of face you are, to determine this factor, you can see details on how to determine the shape of a face .

Round face
A good rule of thumb for choosing sunglasses is to choose a style that is the opposite of your face’s shape. People with round faces often have very well proportioned faces both horizontally and in length.

Therefore, if a male has a round face, he needs to choose a glass that looks square or holds it close to the face.
To make the face slim, choose an angled and tough glass model to harmonize the face more. Wayfarers, Clubmasters will be the first choice in this case.

Oval face
If you own an oval face, you are quite lucky because there are many types of sunglasses for you. The only advice for this type of face is not to choose the type of glasses with the lower sides that will make the face longer.
Square face
The features of a square face are the width of the temples, and the jawline.

For round face types, the glasses that fit the square face with strong jawbone and wide cheekbones will fit round glasses like aviator sunglasses, classic John Lennon style sunglasses, dragonfly glasses , oval glass, … instead of angular designs with sharp lines.
Long face
Long faces have high forehead characteristics, so it is important to know how to choose glasses to make them more harmonious.

For a long-shaped face to be balanced, choose sunglasses with wide-angle glasses with round and square frames, large glasses even large size oversize is also a good choice for this face type.
Heart face
The face of the heart is quite picky with many types of eyeglasses, but if selected appropriately, it looks extremely fashionable and personality.

Try Clubmasters, semi-fringe or other round glasses with eye-catching curves that will go well with the pointed chin of this face type.

# 2: Factors to consider when choosing sunglasses
Personal style
Regardless of the classic style or new trend, sunglasses buyers must know that eyeglasses often become outdated after 10 years. However, there are still some popular glasses over time, such as Aviators, Wayfarers or Clubmasters.
Besides, choose the glass designs according to your personal preferences but do not forget the rules for choosing the right face designs as analyzed above.

Just as each type of glass will fit the face shape, each different material is also compatible with the individual frame types. Some glass materials can be mentioned as:

– Acetate is a high quality plastic used specifically on shapes like Wayfarer. In addition to being durable and lightweight, it is also one of the most popular framing materials because of its ability to exhibit an impressive range of colors and patterns.
– Metal frames are often a mix of materials like titanium and stainless steel that work together to create a strong, lightweight feel for designs like pilot glass.

Colors often represent personal preferences and fashion trends of the year but still need to be based on hair color or eye color and especially skin color to choose the right glasses.


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