How to choose the right medical stethoscope

How to choose the right medical stethoscope

In the medical field, the image of a doctor with a headset on his ear has become a very distinctive symbol. Indeed, a medical stethoscope is an indispensable item in the professional life of a doctor. It helps us to examine patients more effectively, detecting symptoms that the common senses cannot perceive.

However, to make full use of the stethoscope, it is important to first select the right type of stethoscope. In this article, we’ll take a look at the most important aspects when choosing a stethoscope, and step by step help you choose the product that best suits your needs.

Summary of the structure of the medical stethoscope
Currently, there are many different types of medical stethoscope being sold in the market. In order to answer the question of what kind of medical stethoscope you should buy, you first need to know some important knowledge about their structure.

1 / Face listening
The face is the most important component of a medical stethoscope. This is where the sound vibrations from the patient’s body are collected and amplified many times before reaching the user’s ears. If you classify the stethoscope according to the structure of the listening surface, there are two main types:

Single-sided stethoscope: consists of a stethoscope on one side and a spine connected to the stethoscope on the other. A headset on a one-sided stethoscope is usually the type that can adjust the listening frequency according to the force, enabling users to hear many different sounds of the same organ without having to rotate the headset.
2-sided stethoscope: is composed of a (large) earpiece on one side and a (small) earbell on the other. The bell can be opened or closed with a stethoscope depending on the line of the stethoscope . If closed, it becomes a two stethoscope.
Stethoscope 2 stethoscope: includes 2 stethoscope with different sizes for examination for adults and children. In particular, children’s headphones will often be able to convert into bells depending on the needs of the user. The advantage of this type is suitable for all patients, very helpful for general practitioners or students practicing many subjects.


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