How to choose to buy delicious apples?

How to choose to buy delicious apples?

Apple is a nutritious fruit, high in vitamins, high in fiber so it is good for health. In particular, apples are also affordable, so a lot of you often buy and eat. However, to buy delicious apples, if you do not know how to choose, you will bring home pale, non-crunchy apples.
Apple juice also brings delicious drinks. Refer to choosing to buy apples below!
Observe the color of an apple
When buying, if you see an apple that is dark red and uniform in color, choose immediately. Also, if there are many small white spots on the skin of the apple, the sweeter it is.
Feel the crispness of the apple
You can touch the apple with your hand and feel, the hard and heavy fruits will be more crunchy and firm. In addition, you can also use two fingers to snap on the apple the same way you choose watermelon, the fruit that emits a loud sound, the fruit is also more crispy and delicious.
The size of the apple
Don’t choose too big or too small, medium-sized apples are the best choice. Observe the appearance of apples Do you have a habit of choosing shiny and beautiful balls? However, compared to a smooth, shiny apple, the skin with a bit of grain is a bit more delicious and sweeter.
Smell the apple
You put the apple to the nose to try and smell, the more fragrant the fruit proves that the fruit is ripe and very delicious. Unripe or unsweetened apples are less fragrant. Choosing delicious apples is not difficult at all, right? Just practice the above a few times, you will get used to it right away, just look at it right away to know which delicious fruits are there, no need to touch or smell anymore.
Some notes choose to buy delicious apples
– Another note when choosing to buy apples is to pay attention to the stem of the apple, the stem will tell you the harvest time of the apple. Choose fruits with new stems, without being wilted.
– Check the documents related to the origin and origin of apples if found unreliable. Choose apples on farms that are more delicious and fresher.


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