How to replace the blade iron cutting machine?

How to replace the blade iron cutting machine?

After a period of use, the metal blade in the iron cutting machine will cause abrasion, users need to replace or re-sharpen the blade to ensure the best cutting efficiency and smooth cutting line.
One problem that users are most concerned about when using iron cutters is the problem of removing and installing the blade when it is broken or wants to replace it to serve the job in the best way. So to help you give an answer to this problem, please refer to this article of THB.
How to remove / install the blade on the desktop iron cutting machine
With the jobs that need to process metal materials such as iron, steel, stainless steel … in construction, the old industry was done manually, it took time but the cuts were not really. Beautiful, accurate.
To overcome that situation, today users switch to using iron cutting machines, such as genuine Bosch iron cutting machines or Makita … to help the job be solved quickly, compared to the previous method certainly. will be less expensive. One of the most important parts of the device is the saw / cut blade, which affects the quality of the cutting line and work efficiency.
When using the multi-blade cutter can be damaged, skewed, causing strong vibration, the blade is dull so that the cutting line is not definitive, bad, reducing the life of the device. To improve the use efficiency, please refer to the correct way of dismantling the blade below.
Cutting edge assembly / removal procedure
First, to remove the blade, use a screwdriver with an appropriate angle to open the screw in the middle of the blade clockwise.
After the screws have been removed, you will get the blades. Now you can carry out cleaning, maintenance of necessary parts of the cutter.
Similarly, when mounting the blade, you only need to do the opposite of the blade removal process. Normally, on the type of machine will have arrow directions to guide the right direction, you should install in the right direction for the machine to work normally.
After the new blade is installed, you should test the machine, if the cutter is vibrated or the blade is misaligned due to an unscrewed nut, tighten it counterclockwise. . Or maybe you forgot to install a certain part, so you need to check it out to be the safest.
How to choose the right blade for iron cutting machine
You know, there are many different types of blades, each suitable for different jobs and materials. Here are the main groups of saw blades you need to know to best serve your cutting machine
Round blade: A type of steel blade, usually the steel will have relatively small hardness, so soft cutting is quite easy
Round blade: hard coated, used to help save economic resources, but its disadvantage is slow, the steel plate of wind cuts between 300 and 500 times will be worn and have to be resealed. .
Cutting speed: If it is a circular blade and wind steel disc, it will have a slow cutting speed, and an alloy disc blade, its speed will be faster.
Hopefully, the information that THB has just brought to you has helped you in using and selecting iron cutting machines. If you want to know more about iron cutting machines or cutting lines of leading brands such as Bosch cutting machines, Makita cutting machines … or have any other questions related, please contact us directly via the hotline or go directly to the store.


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