How to wear women’s white shirts beautiful

How to wear women’s white shirts beautiful

Do you want to change your fashion style every day but you don’t have enough money to buy things continuously?
Want to give yourself more inspiration but find it confusing to choose clothes to wear every morning?
You hold a white shirt in your hand but put it down because you do not know how to coordinate?
So let Canifa share for you all the beautiful ways to wear a white shirt without getting bored!
History of white shirt
First of all, we need to take a look at the long history of white shirts .
The white shirt was originally considered as an item worn only by the rich because they do not have to work so much to avoid damaging or stain the white spotless of the shirts. .
In the forties, the white shirt became famous by Hollywood stars, from Kinda Hepburn – who wore it in Holiday to Lauren Bacall wore it in Key Largo.
In the 1950s, the Roman Holiday film made white shirts more popular when Audrey Hepburn wore a shirt with rolled up sleeves and striking collar.
Julia Roberts in a white shirt is a famous image from Pretty Woman – a popular movie.
Also a loud music player, Patti Smyth wore a white shirt on her Horses album and that image is widely recognized.
How to mix white shirt women really stylish and fashionable
There are a lot of necessities in our closet, but a white shirt will probably take more of every choice. A staple item in a wardrobe that anywhere looks good with your office pants or your weekend denim. Let Canifa break 9 perfect outfits around this favorite item.
Wearing a white shirt to work
Choosing a suitable outfit to go to work is quite important because it contributes to increasing your work efficiency. You both want to look simple but still exude elegance, both casual and stylish, this is a great idea in your office fashion collection .
Put all the buttons on the collar and tuck it into a pleated midi skirt, add a pair of high heels to stay luxurious and comfortable throughout the day.
It’s still the type of shirt that goes into a skirt, but the combination with a streamlined pencil skirt , high quality leather accessories and minimalist jewelry creates a simple, luxurious effect that will take you from Customer meetings to ideas meetings and presentations.
Or you can combine it with women’s jeans to create a sense of cool, heavier and more dynamic. This outfit makes you look extremely stylish, youthful and modern.
The combination of a white cotton shirt and a white skirt creates a summer outfit that can easily take you from the office to the dinner.


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