Instructions for using proper drilling machine

Instructions for using proper drilling machine

It is not too difficult to apply, only with the tips in the article below, users will definitely use the table drill safely and properly.
Different from the hand-held drill series , table drilling machines require higher technical and operational skills, so users need to master the usage before operating!
What parts does the drilling machine include?
In order to understand how to use it, the user first needs to understand the details of the product? What are its uses? With a multi-purpose table drilling machine , the details are clearly visible:
Observing the image above, we can understand that the bench drill is a vertical drilling machine, fixed in one position, the motor mounted on the top of the machine, the user can adjust the height of the machine. The material to be drilled will be placed on the workbench, depending on the hardness and thickness of the material the user will adjust the spindle. When the machine is powered, the pair will operate and perform the drill operation.
Manual drilling machine table
Before operating the machine, the first thing you need to check if the machine has any problem? Is the drill in the right direction? Only use the device for the purpose declared by the manufacturer, place it on a solid surface, wear full protective gear …. then you proceed to drill with the steps:

Step 1 : Install the drill accessories according to the instructions provided, in some models such as MPT table drilling machines, users will not need to install, the machine is already installed.
Step 2 : Check the details before operating and connecting the machine to a power source
Step 3 : Move the workbench.Loosen the workbench lock nut and use the crank to adjust to the thickness of the drill material.
Step 4 : Adjust the drilling depth. Loosen the screw on the drill control handle and move it to the required depth according to the scale on the control lever.
Step 5 : Adjust the drilling speed by loosening the two intermediate pully holding screws. Pull the straps and choose the appropriate speed. For adjusting the depth and speed, users need to stop the machine before proceeding.
Depending on the diameter of the drill, the user will choose the appropriate speed:
5mm: The fastest speed
5 – 8mm: Second speed, slightly slower
8 – 11mm: Moderate speed
11mm: The most filling speed
17mm: It is recommended to drill a small tip at a fast speed and then drill a larger nose with a slow speed.
Step 6 : Install the drill bit in the center and then drill.
Where to buy quality bench drill
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