Instructions to use the dynamic drill

Instructions to use the dynamic drill

Impact drill is a versatile drill that can drill on many materials: concrete, steel, wood. Impact drill with compact portable design, solid machine structure, simple structure, easy to use. So, do you know how to use the dynamic drill properly to promote efficiency and increase the life of the machine yet? Please refer to the article «How to use the drill properly» below.

1. Drill bit clamp
2. Antlers select the drilling function often or dam
3. Automatic lock of on / off switch to keep auto-running mode
4. On / off switch
5. Swabs change direction of rotation
6. Handles
7. Lock of the clamping head
8. Screw head
9. Connector
Basic operations for using a hand-held drill

1. Turn on and off the hand drill
Press and hold down on on / off switch 4 to start the machine. To lock the device, press the on / off switch 4 and press the automatic lock button 3.
Turn off the device: release the on / off switch 4 or when the machine is locked with an automatic lock button, quickly press the on / off switch 4 and release.
2. Adjust the reverse function
Most impact drills can both drill and drill through the reversing function.
Adjust the swivel switch 5 to the left to drill or screw in.
Press the swivel dial swivel 5 to the right to loosen or remove screws or nuts.
3. Adjusting the mode of operation
Regular drilling and screwdriving: adjust gauze select 2 to the common drill symbol.
Drills: adjust gauze select 2 to drill dam icon.
4. Instructions for changing the installation of the drill bit clamps
Open the first pair of drill bits using lock 1 by turning until the tool can attach the tool. Insert the pin 7 into the corresponding hole of the drill bit and screw it to clamp the tip of the bit.
To use a dynamic drill for screwdriving, use a connector that matches the screwdriver. Note that for screwing, always leave the gauze in normal drilling mode.
Using drills and other repair tools always presents dangers. So when using hand drills and industrial repair equipment, you need to follow certain rules to ensure your safety.
Before you use the drill you need to make sure you are proficient in the basic operations with the drill: turn on and off the drill, lock the machine, change the drill, speed control buttons, drill modes .. If not, you should review and practice using it.


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