Is drinking organic juice good every day?

Is drinking organic juice good every day?

Is drinking fruit juice good evNot only adding water, fruit juice also provides a large amount of essential vitamins and nutrients for the body, especially antioxidants that enhance the resistance, purify the body, prevent prevent disease, improve skin and support weight loss. However, that does not mean that you can drink as much juice as you like, whichever is good? To make the habit of drinking fruit juice every day healthy, you need to adhere to the following factors:ery day? It depends on the state of each person, the type of juice used, the preparation and the amount of drink …

1 / Choose a low-sugar fruit juice
Drinking fruit juice every day good regardless of the type of juice that each person chooses. Instead of drinking it completely, you need to balance your taste, health status, and the benefits of juice.
For diabetics, depending on the condition you can use juice or not, it is best to consult a doctor. For normal people, you can drink many different types of juice, however, it is advisable to prioritize fruit juices with low sugar but still rich in vitamins and antioxidants such as:
Pomegranate Juice
Apple juice
Red grape juice
Orange, grapefruit juice
Guava juice
If it’s a bottled juice, choose juice without added sugar or any preservative. It can be difficult to know which bottled juices do not add added sugar. Therefore, the best solution for bottled juices is organic because they do not contain chemical sugars and preservatives.

2 / Should choose organic fruit
The main purpose of fruit juice is to improve health status. So, the quality of the fruit plays a crucial role in determining whether you drink juice every day? Especially before the situation of chemical residues, poor quality, unclear origin is rampant on the market today, the more these fruits are used, the greater the risk of serious diseases. The higher the risk.

3 / Be careful with processing stages
After choosing a fruit that is both fresh and safe, you will come to juicing the juice for daily use. It sounds simple, however, compared to bottled juices, fresh juices are more prone to bacterial infections if you don’t know how to juice.
First, you need to wash the fruits, soak with diluted salt water, then peel (if organic fruits do not need this step) for those fruits that need to be peeled. Before putting in the press, do not forget to clean the press clean.
Cups, trays of juice should also be washed, drained, sterilized (especially if the target audience is children). The juice should only be squeezed just enough during the day to ensure its freshness and avoid the preservation stage, which will lose its nutrition. Note, do not add sugar to the juice.

4 / How many ml of fruit juice a day is enough?
Is drinking juice good every day? This is really good if you drink in adequate amounts, not abused. Specifically, to avoid the body loaded with sugar, each person should only drink 150ml -200ml of fruit juice per day (for high-sugar juices, cut back).
Drink pure juice without added sugar. The best time to drink juice is 20-30 minutes before meals, but avoid when your body is too hungry, some juice with acid is not good for your stomach at this time.

5 / Juice does not replace whole fruits and vegetables
Many people mistakenly think that if you already drink fruit juice, you don’t need to eat fruit, if you drink vegetable juice, you don’t need to eat more vegetables. This is completely wrong because basically our body needs to add more fiber for metabolism, while fruit juice, vegetables are not high-fiber drinks. So besides drinking juice, don’t forget to include fiber in your daily diet.
In summary, is drinking fruit juice good or not, will it depend on the type of fruit you choose to be safe? Is the processing method hygienic? How many ml drink per day? Hopefully, the above share of Organica has partly helped you know how to drink fruit juice for health.


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