Manual wood lathe

Manual wood lathe

The CNC wood lathe is the main machine used to process products with rotating properties such as lathe, water hyacinth, stairwell, dragon pole. With many outstanding advantages, cnc wood lathes are currently gaining much attention from customers.
The manual of cnc wood lathe can refer to the detailed documents, but if you do not have a background in cnc wood machine , reading the documents will not help you to operate well.
Hanoi Oriental Automation Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of quality cnc machines in Vietnam. In 2019, launched a new product «cnc wood lathe,» you can refer to the quality of cnc wood lathe provided by. When buying cnc wood lathes, you will be trained and instructed to use cnc wood lathes from a team of professional, experienced technicians.
Each course on how to use cnc wood lathes at company has no time limit for learning, you can study and practice at the company until you are proficient, from how to create template files, export files, align , run the machine, troubleshoot.
If you are in need of learning to buy cnc wood lathe, is a reputable and reliable supplier.
Warranty of wood lathe:

– Mechanical warranty: 02 years
– Control power warranty: 01 year ( No warranty if the Buyer’s power source is unstable, ie the voltage is too high or too low)
– During the warranty period, when an incident occurs, the Seller will come to the warranty within 03 days from the date the Buyer notifies the Seller.
– During the warranty period, the Seller will bear all costs of replacement supplies. All replacement supplies are renewed, not repaired.


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