Mean of Aroid Palm in Feng Shui

Mean of Aroid Palm in Feng Shui

Aroid Palm is also known as a prosperous needle. With the characteristic shape of a big, strong, succulent body, the water storage is mainly at the base of the tree, so the base of the tree is often enlarged. In fact, this plant is native to Africa, strong vitality, supple in many harsh weather conditions. In Vietnam, the golden money tree is favored by the strong, strong and sharp beauty of the beautifully sprung double leaves.
According to feng shui, the Aroid Palm is considered to be the most fortunate meaningful tree.
Originating from healthy, supple vitality in all weather conditions, Aroid Palm is often exhibited by people in the hope of achieving strength, resilience, despite difficulties and harsh living conditions. rise. Since then, people are always full of energy, enthusiasm, and not be discouraged to make decisions in life. Not only that, the needle of money also embodies a happy, warm and full life.
Green beauty, elegance with the name «Aroid Palm» also helps this tree bring a beauty of wealth, prosperity and fertility. Great meanings for families as well as business people, offices. Therefore, money money is often decorated by people in the home or in the workplace to receive positive meanings.
About feng shui, the money tree embodies wealth, fortune, skill, and fortune for the homeowner. In particular, every time the needle is flowering, it is considered to be the luck of the grower, because this is considered a good sign, signaling that success is approaching. The flower of the golden moneygiver is white, symbolizing a prosperous fortune, bearing fruit for a more fulfilling, happy and fulfilled life. People often tie money to red needles and some gold coins to decorate, as well as pray for money, fame, status in life.
The good meanings of the needle has brought people a positive energy to always strive and strive in life to achieve success.
Aroid Palm originated originally from Africa, so its health is very strong and resilient, so it is especially easy to grow and adapt to the weather conditions of our country. You can sow seeds, cuttings or remove dust. In particular, encourage you to use the dust extraction method will have the highest success rate, while sowing, the success rate will be lower and more difficult. When using the method of splitting the bush will grow healthily, mature faster.
For plants to grow, grow up will be beautiful, beautiful green leaves, you need to keep in mind during the planting process, the first time the soil in the pot should be noticed, keep the pH from 5.5 to 6.5, for lots of humus to facilitate drainage. It should be grown in large pots because it is a very large rhizome and a root plant.
The needle grows very well, supple vitality but in order for the tree to grow healthy and become a beautiful, vibrant tree you need to pay attention to the basic principles of moisture, water, and light for tree.
Aroid Palm soil should choose porous soil, fertile to facilitate drainage. You can take alluvial soil mixed with a little bit of coal slag and rice husk ash to create the soil that best suits the needle. Soil should be replaced for 4-5 months to ensure the tree is always healthy.


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