Mistakes men often make when shaving

Mistakes men often make when shaving

Although both the beard and hair have a fairly fast growth rate, with the hair, the guys can let it grow a bit longer, in that gas for the beard you can not lazy to shave. Having a bushy, bushy beard will make your face look sloppy and unkempt, and it will also denounce you as a man who doesn’t know how to take care of himself. Therefore, shaving and shaving regularly is essential.
How is called shaving properly?
The average man must spend up to 3,600 hours shaving in his lifetime. To the face, shaving is like an «enemy» because they are always at risk of scratching and infection of the skin. According to the researchers, shaving will make the immune system work harder. What this means is that the daily shaving routine will make the skin’s immune system exhausted more quickly. Therefore, men need to learn how to shave «properly» to protect their skin and health.
Shaving does not cause damage to the face
Should shave when?
Vietnamese men often enlist shaving after bathing in the evening. However, you should not shave at that time because the facial skin at that time is both very sensitive and not relaxing so shaving will make you more sore and more likely to scratch. The best time to shave is in the early morning when you wake up.
Besides, you should shave before breakfast because chewing action when eating will push blood to the jaw area, around the lips and eyes. Therefore, shaving after eating will make it easier to bleed.
Whether you shave with a knife or a machine, the blade must be absolutely sharp and clean. A lightning knife will cause skin infections if you accidentally bleed when you shave.
In particular, shave along the direction of the hair because shaving backwards will damage the pores.
How to shave
Before shaving you should wash your face thoroughly with warm water to both pasteurize the skin, just open the pores, help the blade «glide» on the skin «smoother». Do not forget to use shaving foam to help soften the beard, limiting the blade contact with the skin causing skin damage.

  • Shave in the evening:  Not so excited that you can shave. Especially in the evening when the skin becomes more sensitive than ever. Shaving at this time increases the risk of scratches. The advice is to start shaving in the morning right after waking up.
  • Do not wash your face before shaving  : Many men do not wash their face before each shave. However, this work is very important. A clean face wash not only eliminates sebum, dirt, but also helps prevent water penetration to make shaving easier.
  • Dry  shave : Clearly when you shave dry you will save a lot of time, not requiring many steps. But a dry shave makes you face very high scratches, which can cause skin irritation, rashes or pimples around the shaving area.
  • Sharing razors:  This is a fairly common habit. But did you know that sharing razors is dangerous and increases the risk of spreading the disease if the shaving area is unfortunately scratched? Give up this ugly habit right away.
  • Do not take care of your skin after shaving:  If you do not care your skin after shaving will make the skin more dry, redness.
  • Shaving too hard:  Doing this accidentally causes the beard to regrow faster.
  • Shaving in the wrong direction:  The right direction of shaving is the direction of shaving. If you shave in the opposite direction, the pores of the skin are open and can damage your skin.
  • Do not clean the razor:  When you do not clean the razor before or after shaving, it will cause bacteria, itchy mushrooms to accumulate for a long time, badly affecting your skin.

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