Physical exercise of a professional motivator

Physical exercise of a professional motivator

Making the best use of energy on the court is the key for tennis players. For Rafael Nadal, diet and exercise are the keys to success. Let’s explore how this famous Spaniard is right here.
According to Healthy Celeb, anyone who has ever seen Nadal play knows that he holds two qualities every tennis player dreams of: strength and endurance. In addition to the talent available, Nadal spends a lot of time practicing harsh and a scientific diet.
A day of Nadal’s training is scheduled, regularly during non-playing time:
– 8:30: have breakfast
– 9:30: technical practice on the field
– 13h30: end of the training, free time to rest
– 16h30: start the gym
– 19h: End of session 2
1. Eating habits
Like many other athletes, diet is very important for Nadal. During the competition, he chose carbohydrate-rich foods to have the highest energy. The healthy foods he chooses such as grilled fish, chicken, fresh vegetables. Besides, Nadal also likes Japanese and Italian seafood, but his specialty is Spanish food. He also regularly eats French fries, chocolate and nutella (a type of ice cream for bread), but doesn’t consume them before competition.
Foods rich in lean protein are also preferred by Nadal because they increase stamina and maintain a healthy body.
2. The basic exercises of Nadal
Nadal’s training program is planned by fitness trainer Joan Forcades, who has been with him for more than 15 years and the practice takes place at Nadal’s home in Manacor.
Exercise with vibrator
Vibrators are an indispensable exercise machine for Rafael Nadal because it has the ability to increase blood circulation, flexibility and muscular strength, and it also reduces pain, stretches the tendons and speeds up the recovery of trauma. love. It has an effect of about 30 to 50 times per second on muscles. Nadal often stands in many positions on the machine such as placing both feet, tiptoe or standing on one foot to practice the ability to balance on the whole body.
Exercises with rubber bands
To perform strong strokes and serve in competition, Nadal strengthens the chest and hand muscles with exercises with physical pull. Instead of dumbbells, he uses rubber bands because of his compactness and variety in practice. He usually holds zippers in both hands and then pulls sideways backward or practices hand pulling sideways. Forcades fitness coach shared that thanks to these exercises, Nadal easily made changes in direction on the pitch.
Underwater exercises
Nadal is a fan of swimming, running underwater because they help strengthen stamina, while relaxing the body. Nadal had to practice running at the waist-deep water level.
The exercises are stretched
This is one of the basic exercises not only for tennis players but also many other sports. Many health experts recommend performing stretches both before and after exercise because it helps the body prepare and recover effectively. Nadal always had a specialist to help him perform these movements, so his muscles always recovered the fastest, and the ligaments were always flexible.
Play football
Many people will be surprised to learn that Nadal has a knack for playing football. When he was 14, Nadal was forced to choose between soccer and tennis, of course he chose tennis. But he still did not give up playing football when he had free time. It not only helped him relax but also improved his quick reflexes and good stamina.


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