Responsibilities and role of physicians in society

Responsibilities and role of physicians in society

A working physician must have a mind and a talent. Having the heart to devote yourself to the cause of medicine, to the cause of saving people. The talent to be able to find and discover effective cures. There is no new lagging behind, set back in time, himself conquered the peaks in medicine.
People who make medicine need to have both mind and talent
Since ancient times, medicine has been a profession that is appreciated and cherished by our people. Uncle Ho said, «Doctor is like a mother», so what does doctor mean? As far as we can understand that traditional medicine is a medicine profession, a physician makes medicine to save people and save lives. Having done in medicine, one should understand that even a little mistake, his negligence can cause the loss of another’s life, robbing the life of a healthy living person. Therefore, the working physician must have the mind and the talent. Having the heart to devote ourselves to the cause of medicine, to the cause of saving people, to consider the patient above all. The talent to be able to search for discovering effective healing methods, always exploring new methods, constantly learning, paying back and then adding knowledge in medicine enhances their skills.

People say «First-class medicine» that sentence has been expressed and expressed the importance of medicine in life, which is the highest profession of man. Therefore, the practitioner is considered as a model, meaning the gentle mother of those who are ill, who brings her immense love to the sky, to treat all patients fairly. , justice is not for any personal benefit but to cure people. That is truly a true physician, a true medical staff and deserves respect. The saying expressed the feelings of a medical staff towards patients who must be dedicated, thoughtful, caring for them as their own relatives. Therefore, the physician must understand his role and responsibility in society without being neglected subjectively at work.

Responsibilities and role of the physician
Every day a physician and doctor is exposed to so many patients and various diseases. Doctors need to have a mind, a moral quality, and a heart of love for them to advance in the cause of saving people. In today’s society when human needs are higher, science and technology are good, health care is even more advanced. Therefore, the profession of physician is a hot profession in society and attracts a lot of talented people to participate.

The saying «Herbalist is like a mother» is a saying that is completely correct to remind the behavior of medicine practitioners and doctors towards patients who need to be humble, respectful and care for them. thoughtful love. This statement is a warning to those in the medical profession who are aware of their responsibilities and their role to the sick.
The school nurtures dreams
As a student who is still on the seat of Saigon Pharmaceutical College , I realize that I need to study and rise to be able to achieve my dreams. And can save everyone later. There are teachers and aunties who are helping me every day to make the path to my dreams closer. Teachers of Saigon Pharmaceutical College always enthusiastically instruct us every hour of class. After school, when there are questions, teachers are still ready to answer us. The teachers are the ferry drivers who take us across the river, to the knowledge and success shore of dreams. Bringing us closer to our own dreams. That’s why I promise to try to study, so as not to assist teachers of Saigon Pharmaceutical Collegetaught me not to disappoint my parents’ expectations. And above all fulfill your dreams.

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