The formula for a two-piece shirt for summer days

The formula for a two-piece shirt for summer days

Two-string shirt is the «star» when summer comes. Because they know how to make the wearer more cool, cool in hot hot days. Let’s find out how to coordinate with these shirts to look luxurious with the formulas below.
With a simple dress up formula like this, the girls just need to choose for themselves to design two fancy textured strings to create accents.
Although modest, but will not fade in this fancy two-fold pleated shirt. The outfit is highlighted by her personality glasses and bamboo handbags.
Brings an elegant appearance like the French lady, beautiful and gentle with simple items, neutral colors. Prioritize comfort first.
Coordinating according to the hottest matchy-matchy formula in the summer of 2019, the outfit helps to exaggerate the glamorous waistline, showing off the advantages of long legs and cool fashion sense. This is also a formula to mix clothes that would recommend for women: If you are wondering how to choose your own outfit to enhance the style or choose an outfit like this for those days do not know what to wear, try it with. How to mix matchy-matchy.
Elegance, elegance, sophistication are the factors that make women fall in love with the white-onwhite blend.
The two peplum straps, flared pants and high heels to accentuate the long legs desirable. The girls want to become slender, cover the second round flaw, please refer to this mix.
Still white-on-white, but this way brings another nuance of two-string shirt: healthier and more dynamic. The color belt of Off-White contributes to accentuate the personality of the outfit.
Mix costumes in monochrome style makes women more tall, elegant and more luxurious.
The two-string dress, which is now sexy, is more relaxed when it comes to midi skirt style.
The way she mixes her clothes becomes more and more coherent when choosing a shirt that matches the skirt pattern and finishes with a neat low tie hairstyle, a layer metal necklace.
The skirt shape of the skirt helps the wearer show off his long legs hidden behind the fashionable fabric.
Do not worry when choosing long skirts like midi or maxi for fear they will «swallow physique», because if you do not own long legs, you must be close to the short / long skirt / skirt. Remember to choose a skirt that fits, not too wide to balance with your body.
If you do not know how to choose the lower body to mix with two-shirt shirt, nothing is more suitable for a basic jeans. Because the shirt is styled, peplums shape spreads out the waist, you need to balance with skinny pants to avoid becoming sloppy.
The loose look of the jeans blends with the sexy of high-heeled sandals and a tight-fitting two-string shirt to create a stylish and attractive outfit.
The two silk halter tops are luxurious styles of items. Mix with thin, light skirts is to have a light, cool set right down the street.
The simplest, you just choose a two-shirt shirt combined with neutral pants, then add a pair of shoes or bags with the same tone is enough to shine with elegant clothes.


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