Things to keep in mind when traveling by car?

Things to keep in mind when traveling by car?

To ensure the safest, most enjoyable and complete car journey for you and your family, the following should be noted.

A safe and full featured vehicle
A 2-wheel drive vehicle with a range of driver assistance equipment such as Chevrolet Colorado pickup trucks , Ford Ranger or Trailblazer high-rise SUVs , Fortuner is the most effective tool to get to the nearby campsites. close to nature.
For SUVs or pickups, you still need to equip additional accessories to increase the utility and performance of the vehicle including roof rack or roof rack, locked storage box, mobile tent mounted on the trunk of the vehicle. pickup, trunk / luggage mats, seat covers (to keep seats clean), bike racks, inverters to charge electronics … Also, if traveling in groups An additional radio, compass, and flashlight are required. These are small but very useful equipment for car picnics.
One of the best things about camping with an SUV or pickup is that there’s plenty of space for your personal needs, from tents to food and other essentials.

Vehicle inspection and maintenance
Before starting a long trip, take your car for a thorough inspection and fix the risks that could cause your car to be damaged and have problems on the journey. It is advisable to check and maintain your vehicle well before traveling on home. Ensure the vehicle’s normal operation on difficult roads, carefully check the safety equipment.
In addition, if you often go «phượt» with your beloved driver, please equip yourself with some knowledge of self-repair, fix some simple problems to be able to take the initiative in bad situations. out. Along with that, the driver should have prepared some necessary items such as the tire of the car in good condition, hand glass, flashlight, jack, lift, electric pump and basic car repair kit. Need to bring the necessary tools to fix some simple problems
And to be sure, you should proactively find the phone number of the car repair service center near the area you pass by as a backup.

Prepare luggage
Besides essentials such as tents, food, water, medical supplies, and basic car repair kits. You should equip yourself with a map of the area where you camp, because not all places have telephone reception (especially in mountainous areas).

Rescue tools
In addition, the following tools and accessories are also recommended for easier access to more remote campsites such as carrying tires for all terrain (if necessary), (and tires big size backup); tire pressure gauges, car evaporators and electronic car pumps; safety kits including medical tools and fire extinguishers; car winch kits; tow hook, tow rope; Multipurpose tools, shovels and axes; radios; compass and flashlight.

Should go in groups
Traveling alone or just riding a car is not a good idea because everything can happen on the road. Traveling in groups of people and cars will help you receive more timely and safer assistance on difficult journeys. Of course, it will be an exception if you want privacy or the type of person who is «independent». So go on a group of many cars to get the best support in case of need.
In case you are the type of person who likes to «stand alone» on the journey of exploring and experiencing nature. You should notify your relatives and friends about where you are going to take precautions in case something might happen that prevents you from returning home as scheduled.

Limit stopping in the wilderness
You should not drive the vehicle for too long in the remote forest area if you do not really know the terrain of that area. Especially in the afternoon, it will be dark very quickly, no street lights, no houses, no utility services that you still can not find the way out. Not to mention the fact that your car has an unexpected problem without having enough skills and experience to handle it. .
In particular, do not stop in areas that are too far from residential areas and remote areas while you travel less and not familiar with the terrain.

Mastering some driving techniques
You need to know your vehicle limits, know the performance, torque of the engine as well as maximum power, ground clearance as well as the drive system. If your car is not equipped with modern automotive technologies like the «terrain kings», it can only overcome some roads with a certain degree of difficulty, know that, do not be too Be confident in your «steed» to lead to the situation of being stuck on the excessive roads. Need to master the ability of your vehicle to choose the right path to avoid being stuck.

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