Tips to mix watches with outfits for women

Tips to mix watches with outfits for women

Using watches as an accessory to exalt beauty, highlight human values ​​has long been applied by many people, especially women. But combining how to achieve the best effect, not everyone can do it. Understanding that, the following article has summarized and suggested to you some tips to mix watches with outfits to help her always shine with confidence.

Tips to mix watches with outfits for girls to attract
Depending on their personalities and preferences, girls can combine models with different styles of costumes. If you are afraid that you will become a «fashion disaster», then refer to some ways to mix watches with the following clothes:

# 1: Tips to mix sports watches with T – shirts
For those of you with strong and dynamic personalities, choosing a sporty style watch combined with T-shirt will help you become more active and healthier.
Sports watches with a simple round glass design, many needles, accents with a large strap on the wrist, mix with a simple T-shirt, dusty jeans. Imagine is enough to make us naturally feel attractive, right?

However, if you choose to mix your watch with such an outfit, you should also be aware of how to choose the straps and colors to match your wrist size as well as the color of your outfit.

If your wrist asks a little, then choose a watch that has a moderately balanced bracelet. Regarding watch colors, if you love the simplicity, elegance or simply are lazy to consider coordinating, so don’t hesitate to choose the white watch right away. White suits most colors so it will save you a lot of time. In addition, you can also consider choosing watches with slightly more colorful colors if your T-shirt has a warm warm tone.

This arrangement will be the ideal choice for outdoor activities or sports activities that you attend!

# 2: Tips to mix elegant leather strap watches with Menswear clothes
If you are a girl with a strong personality, often dressed in menswear style then a leather strap watch is the best choice.

The watches with soft leather pendants will give girls a strong feeling but still no less elegant.

With tips to mix watches with menswear, you don’t need to be too picky. Just use a little gold watch face, elegant polished glass, combined with a short-sleeved shirt or vest. Simple as that, but just like that, the girls will quickly heart them!

# 3: Tips to mix large watches with wide pants
Wide leg pants have returned and become a fashion trend recently. If you wear this costume, how will you use your watch accessories?

How about a square-style fashion watch with big-eye metal straps in a classic style? Not a bad idea, is it?

When combining a large watch with a wide, dark pants, plus a shirt, the outside is a long dress. You will quickly transform into an elegant and stylish lady.

# 4: Gorgeous as a queen with tips to mix watches with stones and vintage dresses
If you love vintage style, a little bit «dirt cake», the trick to mix watches with classic costumes is an extremely perfect choice.

A stone watch with a slender design, small eye metal strap combined with a gentle and feminine vintage dress . Just a watch alone, no need to add any other accessories jewelry is enough to make you like a gorgeous queen from the royal family. Co-mixing with this female fashion style you can easily find at PleastKora

Note when mixing watches with costumes you should not ignore

There are many tips to mix watches with costumes, right? But when dressing, the girls also need to remember some important notes below.

  • Choose the clock you need based on your physique. This is very important! Choose watches that are well-proportioned to your wrists to avoid making your arms look heavy and rough.
  • The look of the watch must match the style of clothes. Combine floating watches, cute designs with a classic dress. Oh! What a disaster! The personality of the watch should be compatible with the nature of the costume on the person. Therefore, you should consider choosing carefully!
  • Tips to mix watches with costumes that need to match the colors. Color compatibility is a key element of matching. The combination of watches with costumes will determine the unity or discrete in the overall on you.
  • Combined with other jewelry, accessories. They can also combine watches with costumes and many other accessories such as bracelets, earrings, necklaces, etc. However, there should also be a combination of how to get the harmony and turn up the style. how as well as your beauty!

Above the article suggests to you 4 tips to mix watches with costumes and some necessary notes when coordinating for women. If you need more information for women you will not want to miss the Xinhxinh women’s news site . Hopefully, with the above sharing, it will help you find a style that suits you.


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