Feng Shui Meanings Of Pothos

Feng Shui Meanings Of Pothos

The betel nut tree not only chased bad luck for the homeowner, filtered out hundreds of harmful toxins, but also used to treat kidney disease.
Pothos has a scientific name: Epipremnum aureum, belonging to the Araceae family, and also has other names such as Golden cassava tree, Devil behind, and Orange Cam Tu. This is a grassy, ​​green all year-round plant with a long life span. Her betel nut tree has now been bred into many different varieties, colors and designs.
This is a familiar bonsai for everyone, often chosen to decorate the home or office because of the small benefits that they bring.
Unexpected benefits of betel tree
Scientists of NASA (USA) recommends, with 10 m 2 room area should be between 1 and 2 plants purify the air and make you stronger. Her betel nut is one of the five species announced by the agency that can absorb countless toxic gases and create a clean, relaxing environment.
Pothos has the ability to absorb toxic substances, toxic gases emitted from cigarette smoke, gasoline, radiation of electronic devices such as phones, computers, benzene, … and they are named the «home» unrivaled «in the interior plants absorb toxic gas.
Not only that, Pothos is also a medicine that helps support kidney treatment. This remedy is used quite a lot in traditional medicine because of its safety and effectiveness.
Feng shui meanings
About feng shui, betel nut tree brings many fortune, prosperity, luck to the homeowner, helping family life to avoid many bad luck, non-marketing in life. Therefore, they are dubbed the «money tree».
The luxurious beauty of trees gives the house a unique beauty. The tree is suitable for managers, leaders, contributors who show their will to keep on reaching the peak.
How to take care of her betel nut according to standards
– Should put the tree in a place with natural light but shady because betel nut she likes shade, consistent with the average light intensity. In case of growing betel nut outdoors, you need to make a roof, otherwise the tree will turn yellow and burn or die.
– Do not place betel nut pots close to the glass or where the sun shines on. Every week, only bring the tree to the sun once in the early morning for about 15-30 minutes. The best growth temperature of Pothos is 15 degrees C – 30 degrees C. The tree does not tolerate cold, need to ensure the temperature is over 8 degrees C.
– Betel she does not need much nutrition so it does not need to use much fertilizer. Sometimes it is possible to dissolve some foliar fertilizers and water the plants.
– This plant is less prone to pests, but occasionally can get some common diseases such as mites, aphids, root rot. At that time, it is possible to use common insecticides and pesticides to eradicate plant diseases. In addition, you should also regularly remove yellow leaves, changing water for plants to prevent pests.


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