How to play with cats

How to play with cats

Cats are charming, solitary and mysterious animals. Sometimes they make us laugh. Many of their habits can make anyone unable to stop laughing. By spending time playing with cats, you will have the opportunity to learn about their unique features and nature. Playing with cats is the best way to strengthen the relationship of both, as well as overcome boredom and stress. You will find lots of fun and may even begin to wonder if they are laughing at you.

Prepare a private place for cats. You can arrange a nest, or corner of the room for your pet. However, cats have the characteristic of taking their own place, such as your favorite seat, computer, or pillow. You might be annoyed by the action, but it’s fun to have a cat!
Prepare a scratching post for cats. You can use a variety of abrasives (cardboard, ropes, carpets, etc.) to give your cat the freedom to scratch and enjoy. Various types of abrasive tools are available at pet stores.
Buy or build a cat «tree» to let your pet climb. The tree includes lots of areas and floors, a cat litter surface, hanging toys, a cave or an emptiness box for climbing. These items are available at pet stores
Put the litter box in the house. Having cats brings a natural feel to the home. It is very safe and edible, and is available at pet stores. Plant some grass in a pot and place it around the house for cats to explore. You will have the opportunity to watch them sipping the taste of the pot of grass.
Give your cat access to the window. They enjoy watching birds flying, squirrel jumping, and other animals, as well as observing outdoor activities. Windows are an effective entertainment screen, especially if you have your cat in the house completely.
Try going to safe places where domestic cats can play outside. They can explore the surroundings in a closed outdoor area. [5] For example, if your home has glazed spaces, such as corridors or terraces, you can give your cat access to these areas. Lead the cat on a leash. [7] Cat chains are available at pet stores. This is a small chain and helps you to walk the cat like a dog. Not all cats want to wear leashes, so take the time to train them on a leash. The training should begin when your pet is small so that he or she will adapt more easily.


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