Big contest to find which trimmer is best?

Big contest to find which trimmer is best?

On the market today, there are many different brands with hundreds of diverse and rich models, there are good quality products and vice versa, there are really bad products despite the headlining. When choosing to buy hair clippers barbers or individual users have their own priorities. So choose to buy the best hair clippers? Which company is the best? Let’s find out with! The answer to the question of which type to buy best depends on many factors such as individual needs, product features and of course the price of the product. Many hair stylists even long-term barbers have made the wrong choice, but you can limit this mistake from happening to you. Let’s take a look at some suggestions on how to choose the right product in the article below.
The first factor to consider is to choose the best hair clipper to buy?

What is the first element that needs to be considered other than identifying your main needs and uses? You will never know which one to buy best if you do not identify your needs and main items when buying. Hair designers and barbers have their own requirements for their tools. Even if your needs are just for household use, the choice of tools for cutting hair for adults and cutting hair for the elderly children is extremely different.

Simple example is the choice of wired cardboard and wireless cardboard which battery pack is better? For barbers, the use of high-powered wired cardboard may be a better option because what they need is products that allow them to cut a wide range of hair types, from soft to hard, to long. sparse to dense, from the elderly to the children. However, there are now a number of battery-powered product sets with backup batteries and plugged in to use electricity directly as well as a good choice. The recent wireless tone line has also been trusted by most barbers when the capacity has improved quite a lot. If you are a personal user, choosing a wireless product is always a better option. Therefore always determine your needs correctly before considering the following factors.

Cardboard electricity or rechargeable batteries? Wired or wireless? which one is best?

Advantages of wired cardboard

To better understand why, let’s see what are the advantages and disadvantages of direct electricity and battery tones. First, an electric trimmer, also known as a wire trim, is a product that uses direct current to supply power to the motor (typically 220 – 240 V, 50 – 60 hz). This type usually uses a motor with a larger capacity (18 – 22w) than the wireless cardboard, using a rechargeable battery so you can easily handle all types of hair, long short, soft hard. You also do not have to worry about when using, the battery runs out and do not need to worry about charging before using.

Disadvantages of wired products

However, wired strings often have a louder sound than those that use rechargeable batteries. Creaking tones can startle children, frighten them, and refuse to sit still while cutting hair. This is also the reason why it is better not to use electric tones directly when cutting children’s hair. In addition, direct-use cardboard is often less flexible when used because it is quite heavy and limited by the length of the wire. You may feel very tired if you are not used to it, and you may experience twisted wires when used. Some types of cardboard with long-term operation may cause overheating, bundling, and cooling to be continued.


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